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Smart Blinds Bring a New Level of Convenience to Your Home

Smart blinds have been a growing trend since late 2018 and are perhaps considered one of the worth-investing items for your smart home. Feeling that morning ray of sunshine bursting into your room and calling out your smart home assistance to take care of it feels futuristic, calm, and posh. These indoor or outdoor blinds are integrated with standard features like a built-in motor, light sensor, or virtual assistance. 

What are smart blinds?

Smart blinds are window coverings with built-in motors that allow you to automate the raising and lowering of your blinds depending on preset schedules. Some smart blinds have built-in light sensors that allow you to adjust them based on the exterior lighting. Some smart blinds include supported integrations with intelligent home systems like Apple HomeKit and Nest. In contrast, others integrate with virtual assistants like Alexa or your Google Assistant so they can

Key benefits of smart blinds

  • Cost and Energy Savings

Although the initial cost of installing smart blinds is costly, they pay for themselves in the long run. You can use external illumination by setting schedules or utilizing a built-in light sensor. From energy and cost-savings perspective, smart blinds play well with smart light bulbs as the brightness of the bulbs can be adjusted based on the sunlight coming into the room.

  • Increased Access and Convenience

In recent years, home automation has advanced to be even smarter and even more intuitive. You no longer need to get up or walk to a window to adjust your blinds. You can do it from the comfort of your own home or with a simple voice command from your virtual assistant. Smartifying and motorizing your blinds allows you to automate repetitive tasks with a simple touch or command. Convenience and ease through automation are achieved effortlessly.


Smart blinds
  • Improved Privacy and Security

When you think about the security of your house, you might imagine that it refers to closing your blinds to keep strangers out. While this may work, smart blinds offer you far more benefits than just having the views blocked. You can now take control of your blinds, individually, centralized, anytime, anywhere, and it works as a good deterrent for potential theft. 

  • Maximum Safety for Children

Window coverings with corded systems are always a safety hazard for children and pets. Cords pose suffocation and choking hazards when children or pets become entangled, especially cord systems with loops. Smart blinds are fully automated, chainless, and cordless, hence offering undoubtedly the best and safest window covering solution to any parents or pet owners.

Motorized Blinds
  • Touch of Futuristic Luxury

Smart blinds are functional and convenient, but they also add a touch of futuristic luxury to your home. Smart blinds are innovatively designed, high-quality, modern, durable, and made-to-last, no matter rain, hail, or shine. Smart blinds are custom-made and professionally installed, resulting in perfectly fitting window coverings and adding value to your home. Professionally installed blinds definitely will leave a lasting impression.

Why choose smart blinds from the Best Curtain Store?

Many people find themselves too lazy, inconvenienced, or neglected to change the position of the blind because it is boring. With smart blinds offered from the Best Curtain Store, these chores can be automated with a timer or sensor. A home fitted with gorgeous, smart blinds is a huge bonus since smart houses have become a popular trend for many home improvement projects. Our smart blinds will undoubtedly make your home more admirable, thereby increasing the chance of a sale.